Proactive Support

Regular system checks should always be carried out to ensure maximum stability and security. Regular visits from our highly qualified engineers will ensure that your systems are maintained and kept secure by installing any required updates. These visits can also be used as time to fix small 'niggling' problems which cannot be justified by a callout charge.  A 20% discount on our standard hourly rate is also offered for this service subject to booking at least four maintenance visits a year.

Network and Server Health/Capacity Check

  • Monitoring your Server’s performance

Backup and routine housekeeping tasks

  • Checking that Server backups are taking place regularly and successfully
  • Ensure routine housekeeping routines are happening

Windows Server/PC Service Pack Update Management

  • Checking that all hardware is up to date with the latest Microsoft security and compatibility fixes
  • Implementing these in a structured manner, minimising disruption and down-time.

 Anti-Virus Update Management

  • Anti-Virus monitoring ensuring files are being distributed to your Server, PCs and laptops
  • Keeping an eye on the expiry dates for your AV software licenses and notifying you in advance.
  • Making sure networking speeds are not being hampered by over zealous file checking

Advice and recommendations to make sure you get the absolute maximum benefit

  • Helping you to make the most of your investment in IT
  • Helping you to safeguard this investment.