Sage 50 Payroll 


Are you ready for Auto Enrolment?

1 in 3 businesses do not know what Automatic Enrolment is.

Under new legislation employers will need to automatically enrol eligable employees into a workplace pension.

Have a look at the Auto-Enrolment guide to see what you need to do.


Features of Sage Payroll Auto Enrolment Edition:

  • What is needed and when it is needed for Auto Enrolment
  • Creation of auto enrolment preparation place to coordinate work
  • Review existing pension arrangement
  • Forecast and prepare for the additional costs of providing a workplace pension.
  • Define communications to employees to get them ready for auto enrolment.
  • In produce access to the Sage community for additional support and information.

Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Plus - Monthly licence fee applies

  • Add-on available at an additional cost to allow users to automate significant amounts of the additional admin creased by auto enrolment.

If this all seems to much to take in and you don't want to have to learn about or deal with the new legislation then our payroll bureau solution may be your best option - to see more information on this service, click here.


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